We've Received Your Application


You will receive an email with your Username and Password and more instructions. But before you go, please follow the instructions on the video below.

Hey there! I am super excited that you decided to take the first step to success. I shared a short video on this page explaining you how the process will work for you to start using your product. But a brief explanation is here:



1. Now that you finished your order, you will receive an email in 1 to 3 hours from cristian@blwonlinetrading.com with some instructions, but can login below with the login details created by yourself. 


2. It might take 5-10 minutes for your access to be granted so just keep be patient and you should be ok.



3. If you cannot get access to the Members Area after 15 minutes, use the chatbox below to ask for support or if it’s during the weekend, send an email to support@blwonlinetrading.com and we will assist you within 24 hours.



Enjoy your training and welcome to the BLW Family!


Cristian AP

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